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Let’s face it, being cold sucks. Skiing, snowboarding, camping, and living your daily life is hard to do when the temperatures outside decide to take a plunge. Layering up is a hassle, and personal warmers can only do so much. Finally, a better solution is here.


The body loses the majority of its heat though the skin.

When you feel cold your mind struggles to concentrate and focus on the task at hand.

The secret of staying warm is insulation, not only from clothing, but trapped air — Coldscreen insulates with an invisible layer on your skin.

Cold diminishes the immune response as white blood cells flow away from the extremities.


  • Coldscreen helps keep you warm by creating an invisible layer on your skin to retain the body heat you generate
  • Pure, natural ingredients are combined to hydrate and protect your skin while you experience a warmer, more comfortable way of enjoying the outdoors
  • Coldscreen has been dermatologically tested in strict,clinical trials by the highly praised Princeton Consumer Research Organisation and is proven to work and to be 100% safe

Featured Product

Coldscreen Combo Pack

COLDSCREEN contains safe and natural ingredients that work together to gently warm your skin and maintain your naturally generated body heat that is created by your large muscle groups.
It activates both on application and then when your body comes to rest after any form of activity — at just the time you would normally start to really feel the cold.
  • 2.7oz bottle fits easily into pant pockets, jackets and backpacks
  • 5.1oz sized bottle is perfect to keep at home for daily use or for extended trips away
  • 98% Natural ingredients - (2% remaining is to keep the naturals stable to 2 years)
  • Strict Clinical Trials, Safe for Skin
  • No side effects
  • 100% Cruelty free
  • 100% Fragrant free - completely neutral scent
  • Non greasy , high quality moisturizer designed for cold dry air
  • Fast acting, long last
We understand that you are not looking at just buying a product but that you are looking to solve a problem, that, potentially has been a struggle or annoyance for some time.

That is why, if our products fail to perform exactly as promised AND if you are not honestly benefited enough to tell another person about them, then we do not deserve to keep your money.

If this is the case, we offer a 90 day full, immediate refund with no returns necessary. Thats it. Please just respond to any of our teams feedback emails or contact support@uthermic.com at any time to get your money back or choose to donate it to a charity. Up to you.

We also Guarantee the highest level of personal service that is available as a resource to you as a part of the UThermic Community!
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  • Apply an even coverage of COLDSCREEN to your hands, arms, legs and feet 10min before going into a cold environment
  • Use it underneath base layers, jackets, gloves and socks
  • Re-apply if and when needed
  • Avoid contact with the Face and all sensitive body areas.. :)
  • Avoid open wounds or damaged skin
  • Not suitable for ultra sensitive skin conditions prone to reactions
  • Not recommended for kids under 12

Coldscreen Combo Pack
Coldscreen Combo Pack
$ 39.99



Grete Eliasson

Professional Skier

Grete Eliassen, 4 x US Open Winner, first female skier to Win X Games Gold. Future goals? "Continue to get more girls stoked on skiing. And stay warm of course."

Ian Deans

Professional Ski Cross

Ian Deans, Canadian Pro Ski Cross team, 2102 North America Cup Champion. Future goals? 2018 Olympics.