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Where do I apply COLDSCREEN?

Depending on what level of warmth and protection you desire for the conditions you can apply it to areas as little as your arms OR to the whole body just like you would a sunscreen. REMEMBER – Not for all those highly sensitive body areas, YES you know where we mean. Visit our website if you are still unsure on that!

How long does it take to work after application, can i wear clothes over the top and will it stain?

97% of individuals experience the amazing warm feeling within the first 5-15 minutes. After a few applications you will know the perfect amount of time you need to apply before you venture out into the cold. Within that 5 min it will be dry and clothing can be put over the top. Coldscreen works extremely well in conjunction with a windbreaker or any other clothing and will never stain.

Can Coldscreen be used on the face?

We have specifically formulated this version for the body and not the face, to get the best experience possible try to keep the areas in which Coldscreen applied away from your face, especially the eyes. If this accidentally occurs, wash off with cool water and soap.

What is it made of?

When doing research into what peoples must haves would be in this product, high up on that list was no harmful chemicals and to have a high percentage of safe, healthy and also natural raw ingredients, so that’s what we did. Coldscreen is formulated from high quality widely used safe ingredients to ensure that it is able to be enjoyed by the vast majority of individuals who want to #OWNTHECOLD and #LIVEWARM

How does it work?

Coldscreen works by creating an ultra light film over the skin to help keep your body’s natural heat in, while allowing the body to still function at its optimal levels. It creates a warming feeling by interacting with receptors just under the skin that tell the brain that you are experiencing the sensation of warmth. This occurs naturally in the body anyway, Coldscreen simply allows this same bodily function to occur at a lower temperature allowing you to feel warm in colder environments. How Awesome is that!

Will this stop or help me from getting hypothermia or other similar conditions?

Coldscreen is designed to improve your overall experience of being completely comfortable and warm in the cold. It is not intended as a substitute for appropriate clothing in harsh environments and will not prevent/cure hypothermia or cold related conditions. Please use good judgment for the surroundings you will be going into.

How much do I use?

The amazing thing about coldscreen is that you only need the same amount as you would a sunscreen.
It is possible to achieve a slightly more effective insulation barrier if more is applied but this is not normally necessary.

How long should a bottle last for?

Our coldscreen test pilots have tested this over the last year and with some individuals using it on specific parts of their body most days and others just when they are getting out there to do what they love in the cold, the result was from 68 – 92 days.

How long does it last for?

Anywhere from 2 – 4 hours depending on outside ambient temperature and activity levels.

How do I remove Coldscreen?

All it takes to remove is to wash the applied areas with soap and cool water. Within a few minutes the warm feeling will dissipate. We recommend that if Coldscreen has been recently applied or a prominent warmth feeling is still active to wash it off before getting into a hot Jacuzzi or shower so you are not uncomfortably hot!

Has it been tested and is it safe?

We wanted to make sure that what we were putting on our skin and our family's skin was completely safe, so we put it through strict blind clinical trials with individuals having self assessed sensitive skin to make sure of this. It is also dermatologically tested so the simple answer is yes and yes, with flying colors.

Has it been tested on Animals?

This can be as simple as NO. Coldscreen has never and will never be tested on our furry friends. Coldscreen has always and will always be cruelty free.

How do I know it is working?

After application you will know when the amazing experience is starting by feeling a gentle tingling sensation that is quickly replaced by warmth. Ahhhhhhh yes, warmth really does equal happiness!

Can I reapply once it has worn off?

Yes you can. We based the lasting effect on half a day of being on the slopes but if you just can't get enough then just reapply at lunch time and you will be good to go again. For the very best results wash off existing product first.

Should I wash it off before heading to bed?

For those of you who do not normally venture into the shower after a big day of outside activity in the cold then we do recommend washing coldscreen off with cool water and soap before the dreams start. Unless of course you are sleeping in a cold environment and want that feeling of your own personal heater right next to you.

Are there any side effects or possible adverse reactions?

Coldscreen has no known undesirable side effects at all and no cases of any adverse reactions. As everyone's skin is different please follow the directions and consult your physician if a reaction does occur. We recommend not to use if you have any skin related health conditions.

Where is it made?

Coldscreen was designed, tested and filled in the USA. What other better place to test than in the Rockies, our backyard!

Can I use it while pregnant?

As there has not been sufficient testing on this we recommend not to use it while pregnant

Can I use it while on medication, drugs or alcohol?

Drugs and alcohol can affect your body's heat regulation in different ways and can cause it to fluctuate significantly. If Coldscreen is being used in conjunction with drugs or alcohol the user may experience a prolonged and increased warming effect. Please consult your doctor prior to use while using medication.

Does coldscreen work on everyone the same?

As everyone throughout different stages of their lives has an ever-changing condition of their skin, it means that coldscreen users will have slightly different experiences of warmth and duration of effectiveness. Through countless studies we found and recommend that coldscreen should be applied to clean dry skin before going out into the cold. This helps by keeping your pores clean and lets it get on to its warming work. As Coldscreen is a great moisturiser as well it means you don’t need to apply another one on top or underneath, it fights against dryness out in the cold and helps keep your skin soft, hydrated and WARM!

Is it water soluble and will it get greasy/oily with sweat?

Sweat will not affect the functionality of Coldscreen, nor will it make it oily or greasy. However you can not go deep sea diving as it is not waterproof!. (Watch this space)

Will I overheat if I end up in a warmer environment?

Coldscreen was designed so that you can be out in a colder environment but still retain your warmth. If you do happen to go past the backcountry and end up in the desert you can easily wash coldscreen off with cold water and soap.

Will it clog pores or cause any side effects

Coldscreen has not ever had any known side effects and is clinically proven to be safe for all skin types. We recommend not using coldscreen if you have any existing skin problems. Sorry! We will be sure to include this in our next formulation.

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